Bill making Jackalope official may die in committee

Evanston, WY – A bill to name the jackalope as Wyoming’s official mythical critter may die in a Senate Committee, without a Senate vote.

The bill cruised through the house on January 25, with one change. The original bill called the jackalope a mythical creature. Representative Hans Hunt, of Newcastle, proposed amending the bill to read “mythical critter.” He said the word critter is a little more western, while creature is a bit upscale for Wyoming.

Majority Floor Leader Kermit Brown then consulted a dictionary for the precise meaning of critter. He discovered it is synonymous with creature.

In the senate, the bill has not been considered with such levity. On Monday, Senate President Tony Ross, of Cheyenne, sent the bill to the Senate Rules Committee. Historically, the Rules Committee has been known as a death committee, according to the bills sponsor, Representative Dan Zwonitzer, of Cheyenne.

The bill is a tribute to the late legislator Dave Edwards. And while Senate President Tony Ross said he loved Edwards, the bill doesn’t rise to the level of significance of other bills.

This legislative session is expected to adjourn February 28, but Zwontizer is realistic about the bill’s future. He said it doesn’t stand much of a chance of getting out of the Rules Committee.

By Deborah Demander, KNYN/KADQ News Director

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